Appendix E – E. Irving’s Letter & Margaret MacDonald’s influence on Him

Edward Irving\’s Letter & Margaret MacDonald\’s influence on Him
From The Life of Edward Irving By Mrs. Oliphant Hurst and Blackett, 1865, pp 292,293

\”…The second thing which grieves and oppresses my heart with respect to poor Scotland, is the hardness of heart manifest in the levity and cruelty with which they speak of others; the zeal and readiness with which they rush to overthrow such men of God as John Campbell; the union of all parties to this end; the scorn with which they regard the signs of the Holy Ghost beginning to be again vouchsafed to the Church; and, if not scorn, the mere juryman way of considering them, as the House of Commons might, without any respect to any existing promise, or probability, or doctrine of any kind upon the subject, – also without any regard to the discernment of the Holy Ghost in us, and even as if the Holy Ghost were merely a sharpener of our natural faculties to detect imposture or to know sincere persons. The substance of Mary Campbell\’s and Margaret Macdonald\’s visions or revelations, given in their papers, carry to me a spiritual conviction and a spiritual reproof which I cannot express. Mr. Cunningham, of Lainshaw, said to me the other day, that he had seen nothing since the Apostles\’ days worthy to be compared with a letter of Mary Dunlop\’s which is written to the person of this city. Thomas Erskine and other persons express themselves more overpowered by the love, and assurance, and unity seen in their prayers and conversations than by the works. Oh, my friend! oh, my dear master! there are works of the Spirit and communications of the Spirit which few of us ever dream of! Let us not resist them when we see them in another. Mind my words when I say, \’The Evangelical party in the Church of Scotland will lay all flat if they be not prevented.\’ I desire my true love to Mrs Chalmers and Miss Anne. May God give you a prosperous journey!

Your faithful friend and brother Edward Irving.\”

Appendix F – Margaret MacDonald\’s Letter

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