YouTube-Video. Intervju med Caryl Matrisciana om Todd Bentley

Transcipt By Jon-Are Pedersen

14:24 minuter långt.

Caryl: … I hate to say it, but he’s [The devil] is getting more and more cunning today, in the way he is taking Christians into experiences, but the spiritual world is very cunning in placing our confidence in those emotions. I was raised the first 20 years of my life in India and saw Hinduism first hand, I saw this experiences of when a guru or an enlightened master, who is believed to be the conduit of what is called shaktipat, or the power of being able to open up serpent-power or a euphoric feeling or supernatural energy, to bring that into a person. He does that through at touch, or a blow with his breath on the forehead which in Hinduism is seen as the third eye.
I saw this a few months ago done by a man, a very celebrity within Christianity, Todd Bentley of the New Apostolic Reformation, who hundreds of thousands believe to be a conduit for God, who came to this huge, great big meeting where I went, where there was six thousand people, particularly to five hundred pastors. And I was with one of them, representing their Church, these five hundred pastors were actually invited by Todd Bentley to come and have the impartation. These were men that was going to go out to their churches, some of them had come from Australia, some from New Zealand, they had come for an additional, extra blessing from a man that they believed could impart the Holy Spirit to them, so that they could go to their churches pass this impartation on. This is not mentioned in the Bible. This type of message of laying hands on someone so that a physical entity can come in and do ministry, is part of occultism.
The Holy Spirit comes according to His will and wills what He will, at His time, in order to accomplish what God wants done. We cannot conjure up the presence of God or consider ourselves to be some type of transmission center by laying hands on someone to pass on a spiritual blessing, which only comes through the initiation of the Holy Spirit. So, these incredible occult nuances which are coming into the Church are coming in because people do not understand the full character of God, the work of God and even what you mentioned, with John in Revelation within the presence of God, he didn’t initiate it. Paul didn’t initiate it when he was taken up to the third Heaven, but Todd Bentley and the new Apostles with this New Apostolic Reformation are teaching us that we can initiate going into the presence of God. This is what Harry Potter does through his portals. This is Wiccans do, people that practice witchcraft, that at any given moment that we can go through a portal. This was what I practiced as an occultist, as a New Ager, that I could through a mind-technique through some type of mental gymnastics get into the presence of the supernatural world. Well of course I was. But in the Bible I am warned not to do that, because that is associated with fallen spirits who in the Bible are called demons, who will respond to our calling and our biddings, but the ministers of God, the angels of God and the Holy Spirit, does not respond, is not subject to my beckon call.
Man nr. 1: – Amen. I hope people are listening to what you just said, especially about Todd Bentley, I’ve had problem with him since day one. The Lord stilled my tongue until January this year and took the silencer off, and I began to speak about what I’ve seen, and I’m really offended and distressed that he was at a group of five hundred pastors and some probably let him lay his hands on them and who knows what profane fire.
Caryl: – I was there, I was there to actually view it with my own eyes, because I knew, if I was going to be on camera or on TV or films, they would say: Oh, you weren’t there. How did you see it? I, not only was there, I actually… as he walked past me I was kicked, not by anything physical, there was an amazing impact in my stomach and in my being as he walked by. The pain of it was pretty intense. The pastor and his wife that I was with at the time, I mean, we all felt it. It was a demonic manifestation that attempted to take the wind out of our very being. But we watched pastors around us falling to the ground, grown men, physically huge people just crumble, and Todd Bentley is a small fellow. He is not tall as he perhaps may look on television but he’s small and he just walked by. Sometimes he touched some of these men or he blew on them, blew on their face or just had his hand only about six to eight inches away from their faces or foreheads or that area of the third eye, the energy center within occultism. He walked very quickly by. There were security guards that were at each line moving the fallen pastors to the back and encouraging other pastors to come forth. It was a small room but, you know, they had to move five hundred pastors through very quickly yet people that were falling, laughing or crying all around the floor and had to move to the side so that others could have the impartation. And it was done in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, in the name of His Holy Spirit, but one just had to see the manifestations, the fruit. Now, at the time this is happeing, incredibly, not only did Todd Bentley give the most powerful message from the stage about the Gospel and Jesus Christ and preaching from the Bible, I mean, it was amazing hearing how even the snake and the serpent knows the truth of the Word of God. But at that time Todd Bentley was having an affair with another woman, who he has subsequently made his wife, but while he was doing all this and doing all the impartations, he was in adultery. Yet out of his mouth came truth and out of his body came power, but have now infiltrated into churches all around the world. My heart goes out to people that wants an experience and thinks that certain people have got power, but it’s not a good power, I mean, I saw this same thing many, many years ago with BhagwanShree Rajneesh in Oregon, as he gave shaktipat, the very same thing that Todd Bentley did, this impartation, but within Hinduism it’s called shaktipat, giving the initiation to the disciples or the followers by placing a thumb or a finger on the energy center of the forehead, or not even doing that, blowing or just passing his hand over the ??? of the disciples of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who was an Indian Hindu, a guru emerged in Hinduism, who is now passed away. Thousands of them took over Oregon into a place called Antelope and he came and we filmed that as he was doing shaktipat and all these years later I saw a man who is esteemed in the Christian Church, doing the same thing. It was disheartening. It was so sad for me to see the incredible deception that people are putting themselves under. This is exactly the same which as the Bible said would happen in the last days. We weren’t/won\’t going to have a revival. The Bible does NOT talk about a revival in the last days, even though all these churches tell us that there are revivals and awakenings going on. No, these revivals and awakenings are following the wrong Jesus, the wrong Spirit, the wrong Gospel, because we’re told in the Bible that it’s going to be an apostasy, a falling away before the man of lawlessness comes. So, this thing that is happening, this huge revival at/as something called Christianity, the new emerging Christianity, supposedly, is not a Biblical Christianity, but is trapping hundreds of thousands who are falling for experiences and lying signs and wonders and doctrines of demons.

Man nr. 2:– Now, I’ve gotta ask this question because, I mean, the three of us here are definitely well educated when it comes to the Bible and the supernatural and we understand what the true presence of God is and the true anointing and we know the voice of the Holy Spirit, and I don’t doubt that. My concern or my problem with doing this series that we’ve done over the week, with our show as well as the Bible studies, is that you take some of the biggest names like Todd Bentley and you can take Heidi Baker and the list can go down of that whole Kansas movement and what they’re doing there with Mike Bickle, and when you listen to them and you look at these guys, and I see them look at Kimmy Clement, lets just loop everything in together, when you look at these guys and you look at their… when they pray and their love and their passion or whatever appears to be their love and their passion, for reaching the lost or giving a message from the Lord, it’s so hard to conceive that they are being deceived with all the years that they have dedicated themselves to the Lord, dedicated to reading and praying and caring to the needs of others, however on the flip-side, when we go to a Church or you hear about people going to these conferences and they’re blown away by the music and all the great things that are happening there and you could feel that tangible presence and goosebumps that are coming down your arm and that warmth is filling you, and you have no other thought in your mind that it gotta be the Holy Spirit that you’re feeling when these people go to these things, but I’m hearing now what we’re talking about that not true or maybe that’s not true for all cases but here’s what’s my concern: That presence, let’s say, that false anointing can that be so deceptive and so God-Like but yet be satanic in nature. Has the enemy found a way to crack the anointing that’s so powerful and feels just like the Holy Spirit, but from what I’m listening to now, isn’t?

Caryl: – Of course, because we are told that in the last days there will be doctrine of demons and lying, both signs and wonders, and Matt. 24 Jesus said that along with the signs at the times he only mentioned earthquakes once, he mentioned famines once, wars once, but four times He mentioned spiritual deception who would be coming as false teachers, false Christs, with lying signs and wonders, as false prophets, so, if people are going to come in the name of Jesus Christ and Jesus warns us that the similarities would be just like His. He never leaves us without a weapon, and it so that our weapons of spiritual warfare are not carnal and placed in the Word of God, so the stillness that we need to be listening for is actually the Holy Spirit teaching us that what we have just seen is a con or that I am being conned, just like, and I hate to say this because I know some friends of mine are car salesmen, but salesmen have the most wonderful ways of persuading one to have something family doesn’t want. (-or can afford, yeah). And it comes through such an art of manipulation. Now, the Word manipulation is actually rooted in sorcery and sorcery and divination are the same root-word. So when something comes with manipulation, as Satan was able to do to Eve, one of the things that we are told, and I don\’t think the churches preaches this enough, is that we need to test the spirits.


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