Enistémi – G1764

Enistémi – G1764

Vine’s Expository Dictionary:

Come, Came (See Also Coming):

lit., \”to stand in, or set in\” (en, \”in,\” histemi, \”to stand\”), hence \”to be present or to be imminent,\” is rendered \”shall come\” in 2Ti 3:1; it here expresses permanence, \”shall settle in (upon you).\”


2 Verb Strong\’s Number: g1764 Greek: enistemi

Present (To Be):

\”to set in,\” or, in the Middle Voice and perfect tense of the Active Voice, \”to stand in, be present,\” is used of the present in contrast with the past, Hbr 9:9, where the RV correctly has \”(for the time) now present\” (for the incorrect AV, \”then present\”); in contrast to the future, Rom 8:38; 1Cr 3:22; Gal 1:4, \”present;\” 1Cr 7:26, where \”the present distress\” is set in contrast to both the past and the future; 2Th 2:2, where the RV, \”is now present\” gives the correct meaning (AV, incorrectly, \”is at hand\”); the saints at Thessalonica, owing to their heavy afflictions, were possessed of the idea that \”the day of the Lord,\” RV (not as AV, \”the day of Christ\”), had begun; this mistake the Apostle corrects; 2Ti 3:1, \”shall come.\”

See COME, No. 26.

Rom_8:38  ForG1063I am persuaded,G3982thatG3754neitherG3777death,G2288norG3777life,G2222norG3777angels,G32norG3777principalities,G746norG3777powers,G1411norG3777things present,G1764norG3777things to come,G3195

1Ko_3:22  WhetherG1535Paul,G3972orG1535Apollos,G625orG1535Cephas,G2786orG1535the world,G2889orG1535life,G2222orG1535death,G2288orG1535things present,G1764orG1535things to come;G3195allG3956areG2076yours;G5216

1Ko_7:26  I supposeG3543thereforeG3767that thisG5124isG5225goodG2570forG1223theG3588presentG1764distress,G318I say,thatG3754it isgoodG2570for a manG444soG3779to be.G1511

Gal_1:4  Who gaveG1325himselfG1438forG5228ourG2257sins,G266thatG3704he might deliverG1807usG2248fromG1537this presentG1764evilG4190world,G165accordingG2596to theG3588willG2307of GodG2316andG2532ourG2257Father:G3962

2Te_2:2  That yeG5209be notG3361soonG5030shakenG4531inG575mind,G3563orG3383be troubled,G2360neitherG3383byG1223spirit,G4151norG3383byG1223word,G3056norG3383byG1223letterG1992asG5613fromG1223us,G2257as thatG3754theG3588dayG2250of ChristG5547is at hand.G1764

2Ti_3:1  ThisG5124knowG1097also,G1161thatG3754inG1722the lastG2078daysG2250perilousG5467timesG2540shall come.G1764

Heb_9:9  WhichG3748wasa figureG3850forG1519theG3588timeG2540then present,G1764inG2596whichG3739were offeredG4374bothG5037giftsG1435andG2532sacrifices,G2378that couldG1410notG3361make him that did the service perfect,G5048G3588G3000as pertainingG2596to the conscience;G4893

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