The Holy Remnant Blogg!

The Holy Remnant är Engelska och betyder en helig rest eller kvarleva som Gud har sparat åt sig själv, som inte har böjt knän för Baal. David Wilkersons predikar om detta i videon under.

God is training a holy remnant Prophecy by David Wilkerson
God is doing something very hidden, it\’s very quiet, but it\’s so awesome and supernatural. It\’s beyond human comprehension. In fact, what the Lord\’s doing right now is gonna effect the whole world these last days.
Here\’s what he\’s doing: he\’s preparing a very small but most powerful army of dedicated Christians, far more dedicated than anybody that followed Hitler. They were considered to be among the most loyal people on the face of the earth. But this army that God is raising up is going to be the most dedicated army on the face of the earth. Never before anyone as pure, devoted, fearless this remnant is coming forth. They\’re gonna come forth and do exploits. They\’ll gonna shake hell literally. This new army is gonna be made up of handmaidens of the Lord. It\’s gonna be made up of servants of the Lord, ordinary Christians who lay hold of God and God lays hold of them. A whole new realm of service, a whole new realm of the moving in the holy Spirit is about to break forth.
Much of God\’s plan that I want to share can be found in 1 Samuel. He\’s gonna raise up a Samuel company. Hallelujah. The holy remnant. 1 Samuel verse 11 Chapter 3: The Lord said to Samuel: Behold, I will do a thing in Israel at which both the ears of every one that hear it shall tingle.
1 Samuel 3:11. It\’s gonna be a shocking thing that God does. This new thing\’s gonna amaze and startle (everybody). It\’s the judgment of God on an old religious system, and the raising up of a whole new program with the Holy Ghost. That\’s what you see in 1 Samuel. It\’s all about the death of old church, religious system and the birthing of a new holy remnant. I want you to keep in mind what God did in Samuel\’s day, He keeps doing in every generation, and every generation when the so called church, the organized church backslides, it gets cold and compromising, God just gives up on it and raises up another. He\’s always had a people after his heart. He\’s always had a praying people in every generation. And that\’s called the remnant all through the ages there\’s been a remnant.
But all this remnant that is coming is gonna be beyond anything the world has seen, and 2:nd chapter beginning 27:nth verse right down the rest of the chapter: This prophet looked at Eli: And he said: behold the day is coming I’m gonna cut off your arm. I\’ll cut of your arm. 1 Samuel 2:31. So I’m gonna quit this house of Shiloh. I\’m gonna remove my presence, I’ll make you powerless, I’ll judge you wicked pastors, I’m gonna pronounce Ichabod on you. And thou shall see an enemy in my habitation. 1 Samuel 2:32 KJV. What God is saying: I\’m giving up on Shiloh. I\’m giving it up and I\’m gonna give it over to the hands of the enemy.
That\’s exactly what\’s happening in America and the world today. The organized religious system has been turned over to the enemy, the enemy. There gonna be men standing in the pulpit, they\’re gonna give people what they want. If you got idolatry in your heart, you\’re gonna wind up in a church with a preacher with idolatry in his heart. And that preacher is gonna minister to that idol in your heart. He\’s gonna tell you that it is okay to sin. It\’s alright to be sports fanatic and not pray or seek the face of God. You can go to many churches, even pentecostal churches, and it\’s dead. God\’s not there. God\’s gone.
Will you steal, murder, commit adultery, and swear falsely and burn incense unto Baal, and walk after other gods whom you know not, and then come and stand before me in this house, which is called by my name, and say, We are delivered to do all this abominations. Jeremiah 7:9-10.
In other words, we\’re safe, we\’re not in danger, we\’re not gonna lose our salvation. The prophet says:
Go back now to my place which was in Shiloh, set my name at the first. See what I did to it for the wickedness of my people Israel. Jeremiah 7:12.
While the church of Eli was under judgment and being forsaken by the glory of the Lord, God was busy raising up a remnant. Samuel represent the holy remnant, and I wanna show you how God trained Samuel to come up to take the place of this dead religious system, how God had a plan. This is what God\’s gonna do. It\’s what he\’s doing right now. He\’s training many of you. I believe when I finish you will be able to know whether or not you are a part of this remnant that He is raising up to do His work in the last day.
The remnant is always birthed in prayer and intercession. Always. Hannah birthed Samuel to bitter tears and much prayer. Listen please. If you\’re going to see God with all you heart, all your soul, and all your strength, then you\’re gonna feel the pain and grief of God for his church. You\’re gonna suffer consequences. You\’re gonna misunderstood on all sides. You\’re gonna have people accuse you of all kinds of things. Hannah prayed:
If you give me a man child, I will give him unto the Lord for all the days of his life. 1 Samuel 1:11.
And the name Samuel means God heard my prayer. God\’s hearing the prayer of a people in His house, a people who yearn for an outpouring of righteousness of Jesus Christ, of a people who yearns for an outpouring of Holy Spirit upon their sons and daughters, a people who want to see the glory of the Lord come down on his church, a people who want to see God moving a very special way these last days. God\’s gonna hear that cry. These are a people, really on their face seeking Him. These are a people who are pouring their heart unto God. They were people that were given according to Hannah, they were given to the Lord all the days of their lives. These people are so committed, there\’s no thought of backsliding, there\’s no up and down, in and out, hot and cold. They\’re all wholly given to the heart of God. Do you know that Samuel was such a man of prayer?
And all the people said to Samuel: Pray for thy servants unto the Lord thy God, that we die not. 1 Samuel 12:19.
There\’s gonna be a praying remnant that people go to, not for counseling but for prayer. God wants to raise up prayer warriors that touched heaven. And in the training of the remnant, it\’s gonna be trained to know the voice of the Lord. God called, He spake to Samuel. He wasn\’t speaking to Eli. God\’s trying to raise up an army of people who know His voice, who hear from him directly. And what was the first thing God told Samuel? What God implanted in Samuel, He\’s doing it in the remnant. He planted a vision of God that God will not put up with sin in His house. I wanna show you my hatred for sin in my house, I wanna show you my hatred for compromise in the ministry, I wanna show you what is gonna take Samuel to hear my voice and walk with me.
The time is coming, the time is coming when people are gonna want to hear this word from heaven. Folks, if you wanna hear from God, God will speak to you. This means that you don\’t go into His presence carrying a load of sins with you. You allow God to deal with that sin. You allow God to take that temper away from you and sanctify it. You ask God to do what He has to do in your life.
The bible says men\’s heart will fail for fear watching those things coming on the earth. Luke 21:26. Folks, it\’s gonna be beyond anything we could imagine. But there\’s going to be a holy remnant that are steadfast and sure, unmovable. You\’re coming here now that God will put divine principles in your soul and fire you up and get you off the fence, and get you seeking His face, and deal with sin in your heart. Folks, get into this book, get into this book, get alone with God. Let him begin to speak to you.
Nothing, the things that were despised, I shall raise them up and anoint them. I\’ll send them forth to do exploits in my name. Volunteer your soul, body, spirit and mind and cry out to the Lord: Here I am, Send me. I will lay hold upon you, I will anoint you, I will open doors for you, I will stir your heart and you will know me, you will know my voice. I will use you to glorify my name. You will never have a name, but my name will be glorified through your lips and your heart. You will never be recognized, but I will recognize you . And on that day I will reward you because you were faithful to the call.


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