Appendix H – Robert Baxter

Narrative of Facts, Characterizing the Supernatural Manifestations in Members of Mr. Irving\’s Congregation London; James Nisbet, 1833

\”[T]he delusion first appeared in Scotland… it was not until adopted and upheld by Mr. Irving, that it began to challenge much attention…\” \”An opinion had been advanced in some of Mr. Irvings writings, that before the second coming of Christ, and before … the day of vengeance … the saints would be caught up to heaven…\” He later explained that the \”day of vengeance\” would begin with the arrival of \”the man of sin.\”

[pp. 17, 31]

Robert Baxter himself had experienced utterances and revelations, actually predicting that the Pre-Trib rapture would occur on July 14, 1835.

On page 118 Baxter wrote that because of \”the successive failures of prophecy and contradictions of utterance… I was convinced it must be a work of Satan…\” \”[W]e had all been speaking by a lying spirit, and not by the Spirit of the Lord.\”

On page 135 Baxter wrote, \”the whole work is mimicry of the gifts of the Spirit.\”

On pages 142-143, he wrote, \”…the continual use which was made of the doctrine of the second advent of our Lord. This was the leading theme of our utterances. … [T]here must have been much error, in our view of the manner and circumstances of the coming of the Lord, or we could not have been so deceived.\”

Appendix I – Robert Norton

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