Appendix I – Robert Norton

The Restoration of Apostles and Prophets in the Catholic Apostolic Church Robert Norton, London, Bosworth & Harrison, (1861) [Länk]

\”Marvelous light was shed upon Scripture, and especially on the doctrine of the second advent, by the revived spirit of prophecy. In the following account by Miss M.M—, of an evening during which the power of the Holy Ghost rested upon her for several successive hours, in mingled prophecy and visions, we have an instance; for here we first see the distinction between the final stage of the Lord\’s coming, where every eye shall see him, and His prior appearing in glory to them that look for Him.

She writes: — \”I felt this needed to be revealed, that there was great darkness and error about it; but suddenly what it was burst upon me with a glorious light. I saw it was the Lord Himself descending from heaven with a shout – the glorified Man – even Jesus; but that all must be, as Stephen was, filled with the Holy Ghost,…\”\”

[p. 15]

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